Relationships are a vital part our lives, and we continuously need ideas on how to sustain them. This book serves as a guide to anyone who desires to have a good relationship either as a single person, dating, married or family, including tips on how to take care of your children.


Relate With Me explains diverse stages of life from a Christian perspective ranging from:

  • Singlehood
  • Wedding
  • Marriage
  • Babies and tips on how to give birth
  • Parenthood
  • How to support children and children in need
  • How to take care of your family.
RWM Book

A 'good marriage' is a choice which works through a continuous effort to get better by praying to God. It's a conscious effort; it's not magic or automatic. You need to work it out yourself in agreement with your spouse, hence the word marriage is not the issue; it's us (you and me).

Ngozi Emele is a Writer, Speaker, Christian and a lover of God. She is the director of 'Relate With Me' - a company that deals with social works and public health. 'Relate With Me' aims at continuous improvement with relationships, family and well-being.

Ngozi lives in Aberdeen where she studied MSc. in Purchasing and Supply Chain at Robert Gordon University. However, she has over six years' experience working in the social healthcare sector in the United Kingdom.

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